Compustar (Firstech) Launches Momento Brand

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Firstech, maker of Compustar and DroneMobile remote start, is expanding its presence in driver safety under a new brand called Momento.

Compustar first released a dashcam in 2014 but its now offering two models under the Momento line. It said it sees driver safety as a major category and expects to offer other ‘in-car visibility and recording solutions’ under Momento in the future.

The strategy is to offer full bundled packages including a wired rear view camera (requiring professional installation) and GPS antenna.

Momento M4
Momento M4

“Unlike many dash cam products sold on the Internet, Momento solutions are ‘hardwired’ to the vehicle in order to record footage even while the engine is off and the vehicle is parked,” said Firstech. Thus, professional installation of these products is required.”

With the front and rear cameras the M4 and M5 dashcams provide 270 degrees of coverage.

The top-line product is the Momento M5 with a full HD (1080p) built-in front camera that uses a Sony Exmor-R sensor for better night time viewing as it offers improved low-light visibility and image stability.  It is shipping now in limited quantities at $299 suggested retail price.

The basic M4 is already shipping at $199.

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  1. “Momento dash cams are “hardwired” to your vehicle so that it can start recording even when your engine is off! If Momento detects impact or motion around your vehicle, it will record footage using AutoSave.”. Firstech’s original “Dash” unit works the same way. This provides protection when the vehicle is parked.

    1. Great point, Phil!

      And you’re spot on that the original “DASH” product also functioned this way. We’ve added a premium M5 solution that has improved resolution and improved stability and clarity in low-light situations.

  2. How does being hardwired automatically mean the dash cam will run with the engine off?? How is that any different than a cig plug on an import? Or if the installer wires it to ignition? That’s just a silly statement.

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