High Power Amplifier Maker Comes to US

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Taramps claims to be the leading amplifier maker and fastest growing amplifier maker in Brazil, and it’s now turning its sites on the US.

The 17-year old company began building “home made” amplifiers in a garage, and eventually grew to offer 5 lines of amplifiers. It’s known for high output amplifiers and claims to be the first in Brazil to have developed a true 10,000 watt model.    It says its strength is in durable amplifiers “that don’t break” with “good policies for dealers and technical assistance,” according to Taramps’ Adria Brusius.

The company has also been growing steadily over the past 5 years, despite the nose dive taken by Brazil’s economy, which is suffering its worst recession in a century.  Taramps has been expanding its exports, which grew 70 percent last year while total Taramps sales grew 4 percent.

While Taramps has kept a low profile, it is now making a formal push into the US market.

Its amplifiers are mid-fi.  A best selling model is the HD3000 monoblock amp at $499. It comes in a 1 ohm version or a 2 ohm version, each delivering 3,000 watts RMS. Frequency range is 5Hz to 15kHz with selectable filters:  high pass –5Hz to 50Hz (-12dB/Oct)– and low pass –50Hz-15kHz (-12dB/Oct). It measures about 9.1 x 2.6 x 11.3 inches.

In the past two months Taramps has also joined with another company, 7 Driver, to offer car speakers.

For information contact distributors including Thunderball at 732-388-5000 or [email protected]









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