New Escort Custom Radar Detector Debuts This Week

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Escort is introducing  during CES this week a new custom installed radar detector system to join its current 9500Ci.  The new Max Ci 360 adds a faster processor, Bluetooth and onboard real time red light and speed camera updates.

The Max Ci 360 is also easier to install with smaller laser shifters that are also more powerful, Escort said.  The new shifters can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

With built-in Bluetooth you don’t need extra accessories to get real time updates on red light and speed cameras.

The system has updatable filters so as new advanced driver safety systems are offered in cars, Escort can provide updates to reject those signals and prevent false alerts. (Safety systems such as adaptive cruise control can set off a radar detector).

Mark Karnes VP Product Marketing at Cedar Electronics, Escort’s parent company, said the system  can detect laser guns faster and at longer distances than the current 9500Ci.

“With our DSP and larger memory in the operating system, the MAX Ci 360  is capable of doing much more than our previous platform. It is designed for the next ten years…” he said.

Users get a 4 color OLED display that shows which direction the alert comes from.

For the installer, the new components are also more rugged and require less connectors and less drilling of holes.

The Ci 360 will be available in March at a suggested retail price of $3,499.95.

Cedar Electronics is also introducing a new wireless backup camera system that can be installed by users in 5 minutes.  Called the Drive HD Wireless Back Up Cam, it uses technology from Lightwave Technologies,  The rear camera activates at the touch of a button to view the backup camera image at $249.95.



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  1. Yes, the MAX Ci 360 and MAX Ci models will detect and defeat all advanced law enforcement laser-radar systems in use today.

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