Kenwood Ships Sat Radio Tie In

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Kenwood satellite radio bundle

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a satellite radio in-the-box bundle for car audio, but now Kenwood is shipping a new eXcelon DDX394-SAT radio boxed with a SiriusXM SXV300 satellite radio tuner and antenna.

The package has a suggested retail price of $520, for a total savings of about $35 to $70 off the units’ individual prices.

The DDX394 is a double DIN DVD/radio with a 6.2-inch touch screen, Bluetooth and onboard controls for iHeartRadio, Pandora Radio and Spotify.  It has USB smartphone charging and Android Rapid Charge.

Users also get a 3 month free trial under SiriusXM’s  “Never Miss a Beat” promotion with an All Access full programming package.

For SiriusXM control, the DDX394-SAT can replay up to 60 minutes of satellite radio; start songs from the beginning when tuned to a favorite music channel (TuneStart); and scan and select songs on favorite music channels (TuneScan).

The radio also includes inputs for rear and front / side camera views and three sets of 5-volt pre-outs  plus 13-band equalizer, time alignment controls and high-pass / low-pass filters.

The DDX394-SAT can work with an iDataLink Maestro interface (sold separately) to retain the car’s original electronics functions.

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  1. We sell quite a bit of sat radio and the majority are on A/V units. This is a good move in my opinion.

  2. This is a great Idea, and I would assume that the people that are mocking it live in rural America. For those of us that live in secluded places (Montana), we sell at least 6-8 sat add on’s a week. It’s pretty much the norm out here for radio options. Coming from Seattle where I would have the same attitude as most of you because there, sat radio was a hard sell, and you would see maybe 1 a week, or 1 every two weeks, i can understand the push back. This isn’t going to be for everyone, but I will be ordering a ton of them, and we will most definitely blow through them. Thanks Kenwood!!

  3. It’s about the value add here. I’m a Spotify junkie but what difference does that make. Point is, what I like is not relevant. This is a opportunity to sell a value proposition with little more labor rather than chasing a lower price. It’s FREE with FREE service and a excelon 2 yr warranty. All with more profit $$, Beats the alternative……or would you rather be the guy with the lowest price that thinks its stupid. Good luck with that!!

  4. in my opinion the people who pay for sat radio its only for talk radio .the rest don’t care or don’t have money to pay $20 month….

  5. In my opinion its a waste to ad a Satellite service to every radio. People use Pandora, Sleek, Napster, Tune In Radio and all for free. I don’t even remember when the last time I sold a Satellite ad on.

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