OnStar Brings Watson to the Car

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onstar-gowith Watson

General Motors’ OnStar is teaming up with IBM’s Watson to provide one of the smartest infotainment systems.

Called OnStar Go, it will use Watson’s artificial intelligence to let drivers pay for gas from the car and turn on the gas pump from the driver’s seat, order coffee from the car, and other feats.

It should be available in more than 2 million cars by the end of 2017 that are equipped with OnStar’s 4G LTE service.  (By the end of the year there will be about 12 million GM cars with 4G via OnStar).

Watson will be capable of learning your preferences. It will use your driving location and preferences to offer you discount deals at nearby stores or give you reminders, such as pick up milk on the way home.

It will also offer traffic advice and warn if you are low on gas.

Several companies have partnered with OnStar to offer their services through the system including MasterCard, ExxonMobil, Glympse, iHeartRadio and Parkopedia. ExxonMobil will use the system to help drivers to find gas stations and pay from the car.  MasterCard will let drivers pay for many different services from the driver’s seat.

You can see a video on Watson here.

Source: General Motors

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  1. What people should be concerned about is the fact that it’s a marketing, and advertising platform for businesses. When did your vehicle that you pay 10’s to 100’s of thousands of dollars for stop being your vehicle? The fight that needs to go to congress is “ownership”!!

  2. What happens when the system is hacked and others have access to my credit cards etc.?

  3. so the oem market and engineering have surpassed us in the aftermarket. who will build a watson
    interface for me? anyone have the sdk?

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