Omega Remote Start Has New Stick Shift Solution

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Omega remote start

Omega Research & Design is now shipping the new Excalibur 70-Series remote start system, which offers a simpler solutions for manual transmission cars.

Omega says its new Excalibur is the first to include an accelerometer built into the window mount antenna. With the accelerometer, stick shift drivers simply leave the car’s transmission in neutral. If during the remote start attempt the accelerometer senses any movement, it will abort the attempt. So if someone accidentally placed the vehicle in gear, you are protected.

By placing the accelerometer in the window mount antenna, its is protected from engine noise vibration that can cause a false positive, said Omega.

The line also includes several popular features, even at entry-level price points:

  • Low battery voltage and “cold temperature” start.
  • New vehicle ignition learning routine that will check the primary ignition connections. If an out-of-sequence wiring error is detected, the 70-Series will reconfigure itself to adapt to the sequence of the ignition’s existing ignition cables. It will automatically perform a self-diagnostic check to look for the type of TACH input used and then it calibrates itself to match.
  • Twin interdependent self-learning data ports. Both support iDatalink and DBI protocols. “B” models also include a BLADE slot for use of a BLADE interface cartridge.
  • PC flashable programming.
  • New window lets the built-in thermistor better sample the ambient air temperature.
  • All  70-series 1-way “3D” units are 2-way ready, and come with a two-way antenna.

Omega is a VOXX brand.



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