VOXX Intros New Movies2Go Overhead Monitors

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VOXX Electronics

VOXX Electronics Corporation  announced today the introduction of two new overhead monitors to its Movies2Go mobile video line.  The new overhead monitors are available in large screen sizes with extensive video delivery options.

The MTG13UHD and MTG10UHD Overhead Monitor Systems feature a 13.3” and 10.1” high-definition digital LED backlit monitor, respectively.  They work with all phones and tablets .  They can stream video with an optional accessory (HDH12 or WM1).   And they have built-in 100 channel FM transmitters or hardwired radio connections.

“The ability to provide wireless content streaming options to passengers that is upgradable as new operating systems are released from Apple and Android is a major advantage to us as well as the consumer as obsolescence risk is very low,” said Aron Demers, Senior VP of  VOXX Electronics.

Optional accessories are available to expand connectivity options to the Movies2Go overhead systems:

12’ HDMI/MHL/USB Extension Harness (HDH12) provides a wired content streaming option allowing content to pass from a smart device to the overhead monitors.  In addition to standard HDMI/MHL and USB inputs, these new harnesses allow for “hidden” smart device connectivity via the HDH12.  The extension harness with a finished connector end can replace an existing 12v socket in a vehicle or can be cut-in to add HDMI/MHL connectivity and charging support.

SmartStream Module (WM1) provides a wireless content streaming option from a smartphone or tablet to the overhead monitors.  This module was designed to receive over the air updates through the user’s Smart device as new operating systems are released from Apple and Google (Android).  Note: Not all mobile apps allow wireless content streaming due to copyright restrictions.

The MTG13UHD and MTG10UHD are available at suggested retail prices of $449 and $349 respectively.

For more information about the Movies2Go Overheads please visit: www.voxxelectronics.com.


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