Omega Ships LINKR Platform

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Omega Research & Development is now shipping its LINKR-M1 smartphone control platform along with a “significantly” updated app, said the company.

The LINKR-M1 is a smartphone control system. It can be a standalone GPS tracking/car monitoring system or it can plug into any car security system or remote start that supports iDatalink.

The LINKR system supports both iOS and Android phones and provides full GPS tracking on all service plan options.   Users can locate their vehicle, and receive geofencing alerts and notifications if a teen is driving above a certain speed.

The system has a built in backup lithium battery,  and supports 6 languages. It has 3 analog outputs and 3 analog inputs. The 3 outputs can be configured to the user’s preferences and the app will then display the appropriate control buttons.

The 3 inputs can be used for a Panic Button, and to monitor both positive and negative polarity alarm sirens. If Linkr detects a siren has been activated, it will report an alarm trigger to the app.   Linkr will also monitor the vehicle battery level, and report low voltage conditions to the APP.

Users can control multiple LINKRdevices from a single smartphone.

The LINKR device can be used in vehicles, boats, power sports vehicles, snowmobiles, and even in the home to monitor a home alarm.

Service plans start at $36.96/year and all plans include GPS tracking.

The new app update adds a device setup wizard that supports all Linkr models.

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To set up and activate LINKR-M1 for installer testing, you can watch this video:



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