New Dashcam is a Wired Backup Camera

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dashcam is also backup camera

A new dashcam DVR that is also a wired backup camera (requiring installation) is available to dealers from Blackboxguard, Los Angeles, which is entering the 12 volt retail driver safety market.

Earlier this year, the company introduced a 360 degree camera with 4-minute calibration time and a 3 hour installation time called the Cammsys 360.

Blackboxguard is in the process of setting up a manufacturer’s representative network beyond California. It is seeking reps for the East Coast and Southwest territories.

Its new M9 DVR has a 3.5-inch color touch screen that can also double as a backup camera monitor. It comes with a rear view camera that can connect to the reverse light so the DVR automatically shows a rear view when the car goes into reverse.

The rear camera has a 140-degree viewing angle and the front camera for the DVR has a 130-degree viewing angle.  Both are high definition cameras.  The rear camera can be upgraded with weather proof IR (infrared) cameras for external installation and  better picture quality under low light conditions.

The M9 has advanced DVR features including motion sensing so it works even while the car is parked. If someone side swipes the car it triggers the DVR to start recording.  It uses a 16GB memory card (and accepts up to 128 GB) and it has GPS for location stamp.

Blackboxguard’s Jonathan Choi says, “A similar dashcam with a similar backup camera  system would normally cost up to  a $1000 when purchased indivually,” while the suggested price for the M9 is under $500.

Blackboxguard products are made in South Korea.

For more info contact 714-552-5700 or [email protected]

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  1. I’ve sold Blackboxguard stuff in the past, lot of defects and horrible customer service. They are not the manufacturer, no tech support, only thing they will tell you is to reset, reset, reset, and reset.

    1. Sorry to here it Foze. I have personally came to your shop many times in the past and made sure you and your staffs were fully satisfied. Not so sure exactly what you mean by lots of defects and no tech support because you have called me plenty of time and I took care of business for you. If by any change you are still upset over an overstock item which you wanted to return but i did not take back due to time expiring, I will give you store credit…. please call and let me know. 714.552.5700. By the way Foze, we do manufacture our products and also do exclusive distribution as well. Thank you.

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