Audiomobile Ships New Subwoofer

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Audiomobile intros low profile subwoofer

Audiomobile has begun initial shipments of the Elite 2510 S4 subwoofer, the first model in its new Next Gen series of slimline subwoofers.

The new series includes a low profile cast-aluminum frame, exotic, ‘CCAW’ (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire) voice coils, and a large diameter ceramic magnet.

It uses a patent-pending “ICAR” (Inter-Cooled Alloy Radiator) heat sink.  This provides better conduction and convection cooling directly to the voice coil and top-plate.  It also increases long-term power-handling, now at over 500 watts RMS.

The speakers are designed for consumers who want “‘killer bass’ in their vehicles, but who have no interest in adding the cost or weight of usual enclosures in their trunk,” said Matthew Overpeck, VP of Sales and Marketing.

The suggested retail price for the Elite 2510 is $399.95.  It will be joined by the Elite 2508 at $329.95.

To learn more contact  [email protected] or  (702) 221 – 1977.


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