Here’s Boss Audio’s CarPlay Deck

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Here’s a photo of Boss Audio’s first CarPlay radio, the BVCP9675, which was submitted for Apple certification 60 days ago.

Boss engineers believe the radio will pass through Apple CarPlay certification and ship by the first quarter 2017 at $399.   (It’s ready now; just waiting on Apple).

The BVCP9675 is a mechless (CDless) deck with Bluetooth audio streaming, AM/FM radio and Hi-Res 24-bit FLAC playback.

It has a 6.75-inch capacitive touchscreen and a rear camera and steering wheel control input.

CarPlay remains the biggest buzzword for key retail buyers, said Boss’ Doug Kern.

Boss has also just begun the certification process for an Android Auto/CarPlay deck as well.

The BVCP9675’s $399 price point would set a new floor for CarPlay-equipped radios. Other suppliers planning $399 CarPlay decks include JBL and Jensen.

JBL said last month it is confident its $399 Legend CP100  with CarPlay and Android Auto will be available in January, after a near year long delay awaiting Apple certification.  Jensen (Dual Electronics) announced at CES last January it expects to ship two $399 CarPlay decks by the end of the year.

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