New Car Audio Supplier Launches

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Audio Legion car stereo

Audio Legion, based in Tampa, FL announced it is entering the car audio market with a full line of products and accessories.

For the past six months, Audio Legion has been selling mid-fi car audio regionally in Florida and is expanding nationally.

Products include 4-channel and monoblock amplifiers, subwoofers, coaxial speakers, and component sets, as well as a Pro Audio line of midrange loudspeakers, super tweeters, drivers, and horns.

Audio Legion’s owner has been manufacturing in China for 15 years and came to the US specifically to start Audio Legion as a car audio brand for independent retailers, said General Manager Matt Cameron.

The company offers very high margins and next day shipping at competitive prices.  It claims a low return rate and says it will make it simple for dealers to return products.

A mid-level 10- inch subwoofer with 2.5 inch voice coils and true 600 watt RMS power handling carries a suggested retail price of $209.95  ($219.95 for a 12 inch version).

Audio Legion offers two sets of component speakers including a 6.5 inch model at $139.95/pair suggested retail price.

All amplifiers are sourced from South Korea and other products are manufactured in China.

The company is currently seeking manufacturers’ reps and it has signed on its first rep, Tristar Marketing out of Tampa, FL.

For more information contact Matthew Cameron at 813-513-2936 or email at [email protected]

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  1. Cynicism? Gary I am shocked !!! One of these two things is true:
    ONE; The market is growing and can support this business without taking business from “established” brands.
    TWO; The market is shrinking and this business is coming from some of the established brands.

    Either way we ought to figure it out.

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