Pioneer Launches New CD Receivers

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Pioneer-CD receivers 2017

Pioneer Electronics (USA) announced 5 new car audio CD receivers and 3 digital media receivers to ship at the end of August.

Almost all the new receivers offer Spotify control from the radio and many also include a feature that lets your smartphone screen act as the car radio’s screen.

Included in the lineup is Pioneer’s first basic model double DIN radio without a CD player, the MVH-X690BS. (Only higher end AppRadio models offered this in the past).

Plus Pioneer also announced two new subwoofers– the 12” TS-W306R and the 10” TS-W256R.

All decks except the low end CD receiver, DEH-X2900UI, include Bluetooth with the ability to maintain a full time connection to two smartphones.

All models except the leader CD-less MVH-290BT let you control Spotify from the radio.  And all except the MHV-290BT include Pioneer’s ARC feature allowing your smartphone screen to act as the car radio screen so that album art (in many cases) and song info appears on the smartphone and you can control radio functions from the smartphone.

New models include the DEH-X6900BT, DEH-X4900BT, DEH-X3910BT, DEH-X3900BT and DEH-X2900UI CD receivers and the MVH-X690BS, MVH-X390BT and MVH-290BT CD-free digital media receivers.  They all support Android control from the radio and many allow Pandora station creation.

For improved audio, the DEH-X6900BT and MVH-X690BS have a 13-band equalizer and time alignment. And they allow FLAC file playback via USB at up to 44kHz/16bit resolution (and AAC file playback capability via CD and USB).  Also, the model MVH-X690BS is SiriusXM ready.

Suggested retail prices start at $80 for mechless models and $90 for CD players, as follows: $120 (MVH-X690BS) $110 (DEH-X6900BT), $100 (DEH-X4900BT), $90 (DEH-X3910BT), $90 (DEH-X3900BT), $90 (MVH-X390BT), $85 (DEH-X2900UI) and $80 (MVH-290BT).

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The new subwoofers are sold in limited distribution.  They have a voice coil cooling system where the aluminum center dust cap removes heat from the speaker.  Both use a high rigidity IMPP composite cone.  The subwoofers ship at the end of August at suggested retail prices of $100 (TS-W306R) and $90 (TS-W256R).

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