Hybrid Proctors its Final Grand Prix Training Event

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Car audio speaker maker and distributor of Brax/Helix, Hybrid Audio Technologies, said it will proctor its final Grand Prix combination training event and car audio competition.

The event helps sound off competitors receive feedback from trusted members of the industry to improve audio tuning.

It features 17 judges who will travel from Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Washington State, California, North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, and Virginia.

“This event won’t be about winning or losing. It’ll be about learning, listening to cars, and being engaged in the process. Be ready for something different!” said Hybrid Audio.

The Grand Prix will be held September 25 at Hybrid Audio Technologies headquarters in Cumming, GA.

For more information visit  http://bit.ly/2bavQsG

Following the event, on September 27-28, Hybrid will host a training session for Audiotec-Fischer products (Brax, Helix, and Match).

It will be proctored by two representatives from Schmallenberg Germany: Julian Fischer of Audiotec Fischer and software engineer, Florian Balkenhol, (responsible for the DSP PC-Tool software).¬† Please contact Hybrid for more info if you’re interested in attending.

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