PAC Launches Next Gen Steering Wheel Interface

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PAC introduced a new steering wheel interface that allows car radios to work with factory steering wheel controls.

The new ControlPRO 2, SWI-CP2 programmable steering wheel control (SWC) interface module allows fast installation.  It’s compatible with key vehicles from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Honda, VW, Hyundai, and others.  It also works with cars that run on more sophisticated electronic systems such as CAN bus, GMLAN and Class II, LIN bus, and I-Bus.

The SWC interface can be configured through its integrated DIP switches or a using a PC or smartphone app.

“The SWI-CP2 saves a significant amount of installation time which results in increased revenue for the shop,” said Nathan Wincek, senior product manager of integration products for AAMP Global. “Setting the DIP switches or ‘flashing’ the device via a PC connection to configure the module to the vehicle and radio takes only seconds with no additional steps to follow…”


SWI-CP2 Configuration and Installation Options:

  • DIP Switches – Located on the side of the module, the DIP switches make configuration fast, easy and reliable, eliminating the need to follow complicated button-press procedures.
  • ControlPRO iOS and Android Apps – Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the ControlPRO app contains a library of vehicle and aftermarket radio configurations.  Users only need to input the year, make, model of the vehicle, and radio manufacturer to obtain the correct setting and wiring information for their specific installation.
  • ControlPRO PC App – The special ControlPRO PC application makes configuring the module even quicker.  Installers simply key-in the same vehicle and radio information, and quickly “flash” the device.  With the use of the PC app, the module can be further customized with settings such as dual function button programming options or complete reconfiguration of all steering wheel buttons to the customer’s exact request.  The PC software is available for download at com/appdownloads


The PAC SWI-CP2 steering wheel control interface is now available for a suggested retail price of $99.95.

Click here to see an overview and demo video of the SWI-CP2 or log on to the AAMP Global Youtube page.


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