ESCORT Replaces 9500iX With New Radar Detector

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ESCORT is replacing its best selling radar detector, the 9500 iX, with a new ESCORT iX.

The new version includes Bluetooth, faster processing and more memory. It has an updatable filter to prevent false alerts triggered by the radar-based safety (ADAS) systems on other cars.

With Bluetooth, it can connect to the ESCORTLive app for speed trap and red light camera locations with real time warnings from other drivers.

The ESCORT iX uses a completely new magnetic mounting system for simple installation.

The detector also includes an AutoLearn feature that uses GPS to mark the frequencies of known sites producing false alerts and then automatically rejects them.

The ESCORT iX will be available online beginning July 26 at for retail price of $499.95.


Source: ESCORT, Inc.

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