New Service for Car Audio Retailers

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Dunk Wireless

Distributor CTB Wireless, which sells Bluetooth kits and wireless products to 12 volt stores, wants to return to the 90’s when the car stereo store was a place to buy a cellphone.

It’s offering car audio dealers a program to sell pre-paid wireless service through SIM cards so there’s no need to carry expensive phone inventory.  Dealers get a commission and residuals for each customer so it’s an extra revenue stream.

There’s almost no cost of entry as the SIM cards are inexpensive. “Ninety percent of pre-paid phone customers simply keep their old phone, said CTB Wireless’s Carl Bardakian.

CTB Wireless is selling Dunk Wireless service, which supports all four of the leading carriers.  Customers can come in with any of the leading types of cellphone plans and switch to Dunk with a 5 or 6-minute activation at your store, said Bardakian.

Another selling point for Dunk is that it doesn’t throttle your data service when you are a heavy user as do some of the carriers, said Bardakian.

Dunk is like Boost Mobile or Cricket in that it resells carrier cellphone service, usually at a cheaper rate, he said.

A third of the cellphone market was in pre-paid phones as of 2012, according to NPD.

“I go into Joe’s stereo shop.  I need new stereo speakers.  The customer says, ‘I see you sell Dunk Wireless. I’m paying $80 a month now,'” said Bardakian. “You say we have a plan for $30 or $50 and there’s no contract.  Then you port the number over and activate the phone.  It takes 5 or 6 minutes and there’s no charge backs,” he said.

CTB is also signing up reps for the service.

Retailers get digital art to promote the service and posters to hang in the store.

 CTB, based in Pasadena, CA has been distributing car electronics and cellular products since 1998.

Dunk Wireless also offers corporate plans.

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  1. It’s too late now for this company. MetroPCS is killing all cellular companies. I closed 3 Boost Mobile stores and see many are closing or switching to MetroPCS. Good luck Dunk.

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