Single Tint World Shop Gets JL Audio

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A Tint World location that will carry JL Audio as an authorized, factory direct dealer will open in Orlando, FL July 19.

It will be one of the largest stores in the Tint World chain, with a 1,200 square foot showroom, and 5,000 square foot bay that can accommodate 10 cars.

This is the only Tint World store to be authorized by JL Audio and the brand has no plans to authorize other Tint World locations, according to Manville Smith, JL Audio VP Marketing.

Tint World Orlando
Tint World shop under construction is due to open next week

“We have absolutely no current plan to make that happen. There is no initiative in place in that direction. This is strictly a one on one business relationship with this particular retailer,” Smith said.

He added, “We were really impressed with the business plan and the [plan for a] beautiful new showroom.  They presented us with something that made sense and was a good move for us in that market.”

The store is located about 25 minutes from the nearest car audio specialist. It is in an upscale part of Orlando.  Two blocks away is a Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Alpha Romeo dealer.

The new Tint World store will also be a Kenwood Excelon dealer, which is atypical for a Tint World store.  And it will carry AAMP Global accessories, again atypical.

The Orlando store is one of 7 new Tint World stores opening in the next 60 days, according to Tint World CEO Charles Bonfiglio.

The chain will total 57 stores with an additional 20 in the pipeline expected to be signed up by the end of the year.

Same store sales at Tint World franchises have increased by $70,000 from 2015 over 2014, said Bonfiglio.

Car stereo is still a key category for the chain, which is also now adding truck accessories, paint protection and vehicle wraps.

The chain recently hired Joe Iglesias, to help with car audio installation and sales, visiting stores around the country as Operations Manager & Technical Trainer.  He was formerly a salesman in 12 volt at Audio America and he has managed and performed installation at various car audio specialist stores.

We’ll bring you pictures of the new Orlando Tint World location when it opens. Here are some pictures as the store is being assembled this week.

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