Rockford Distributes New IDataStart Remote Start

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Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (ADS) announced that Rockford Corp. will be the exclusive distributor in the US of its new iDataStart HC3 remote start product.

The iDataStart HC3 is unique as it is a single module that can be flashed to be either a ½ mile one-way remote start, a ½ mile two-way remote start or a 1-mile two-way remote start.

Additionally, it is sold at about a 35 percent lower cost than most remote starts so dealers don’t have to invest as heavily in inventory.  Then the remainder of the product cost is charged to the dealer once the unit is purchased by a consumer and flashed.

The above HC3 features are unique to the market, said ADS.

The company decided to work with Rockford as it has the high end dealer distribution ADS was seeking, said ADS.

“Basically, they have a distribution network that is very well established and they are perceived as a high end brand.  Their dealers fit our clientele.  They match what we were looking for in the 12 volt channel and they are trying to break into the remote start market,” said ADS’s Dan Facciolo.

Rockford purchased a year ago Crimestopper, which also sells remote start products.

Rockford Fosgate will ship the iDataStart HC3 to dealers in early September. The HC3 is offered only in the US.

Consumers can update their HC3 with FLEX technology at a later date without needing additional or new hardware.

The FLEX 1W (1-Way, half-mile), FLEX 2W (2-Way, half-mile) or premium FLEX 2WX (2-way, 1-Mile work with over 10,000 vehicles. HC3 is also compatible with many T-harnesses (sold separately) and it can integrate with smartphones.

Bill Jackson, CEO and president of Rockford said,  “…This product is a true example of innovative free thinking and the whole team at Rockford is really excited to be partnered with ADS and getting behind this game changing technology.”





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