New Car Stereo Brand From 90’s Innovator

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Stevens Audio subwoofer

A new car stereo brand called Stevens Audio will launch in September led by the former founder of Image Dynamics, Eric Stevens.

Stevens helped popularize the horn loaded compression driver, which will be a centerpiece in his new line.

Stevens Audio’s initial new products will include two horn drivers–a full sized and a mini– as well as two subwoofers, plus midbass drivers and component speakers.

Stevens displayed at CES 2015, a new line under Cadence called OnCore, but that line never shipped. He is now starting his own company using the horn drivers and what he calls a “no holds barred” approach to product.

The new company is offering high end products at competitive price points and at margins that are among the best available, Stevens said.

Since the car audio market is not growing, profits on each sale become more important to dealers, he said.

“If there’s a better way to do something, that’s the way we’ll do it.  Everything is to the highest level of execution we can attain for the highest level of excellence and high profit for dealers.”

Subwoofers will come in 10- and 12-inch sizes and will be field-serviceable.  If there’s a warranty issue, dealers don’t have to return the subwoofer. They can just replace the moving assembly and cone of the woofer in the field.  All subwoofers will also come with an included removable grill.

Subwoofers will also have a dual shorting ring

A web site will soon go live at  For more information contact Stevens at [email protected]

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  1. I can’t wait to see this come out. Only thing is that nowadays people are accustomed to alot of electronics being cheaply made. The world of car audio has changed since the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s not so much about brand loyalty or having quality stuff that’s gonna last for years anymore. Majority of people want something that’s cheap. I hear alot of people that purchased something cheap quickly say,”It only cost X amount of dollars. I can buy another one cheaper than having it fixed.”
    Let’s not forget about the numbers game manufacturers play when it comes to specs. The average person that could care less or know what specs are isn’t going to pay for a well built piece of equipment. The major companies know this. I’m pretty sure that’s why they have multiple series/lines of gear. From affordable to taking out a loan to play with the big boys! LOL! I’mma have to keep my eyes and ears open because I remember the praise that those Image Dynamic horns and subwoofers got back in da days.

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