Kenwood Won’t Ship Until Mid-June

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Kenwood DNX893S

Kenwood, we learned, does not expect to ship its 2016 line of car radios including CarPlay and Android Auto models until mid-June.

That would mark a near 3 month delay that has left dealers without key product in the critical spring selling season.

Two sources confirmed the shipping target, but Kenwood did respond to our inquiries.

Among the 2016  Kenwood radios delayed are 8 CarPlay models, including the first from the supplier to combine CarPlay and built-in navigation.  Additionally, half of those radios will also offer Android Auto.

The shipping glitch, allegedly due to a delayu in obtaining Apple certification,  left dealers scrambling for CarPlay models in some cases, but most have filled demand with comparable products from Pioneer and an Alpine CarPlay model (plus a new Alpine Jeep Wrangler-specific model).

“It’s put a lot of core Kenwood retailers in a difficult position and forced us to support other vendors,” said Tunes N Tint, Operations Director  Joe Cassity.  The FL-based chain is completely sold out of last year’s Kenwood navigation and CarPlay models.  “We missed our busy selling season and tax time; by the time the new units ship it’ll be during the slow time of year when 12V business starts drying up.”  He added, “Sadly our business with Kenwood will be significantly off this year. I only hope customers held out for the new units and we’ll see a spike…”

JR Stocks, CEO of Freeman’s Car Stereo, NC said the chain ordered heavily in Kenwood’s 2015 line so he could handle a 30 day delay in the 2016 line.   “But to miss it by over 30 or 45 days, for us it becomes a major problem.”

Several retailers said they had been out of stock on Kenwood CarPlay radios for up to 30 days, although others still had one or two models left; some, only display units.

Sister brand JVC is also delayed and is about it to introduce its first CarPlay radio, the KW-V820BT double-DIN AV receiver announced at $599 in January.  We were told this week by Kenwood that JVC and Kenwood would ship at the same time.

Pioneer acknowledged it is enjoying better than average sales in 2016 radios as Kenwood’s products have been delayed since March.

One reason why Pioneer’s CarPlay units were not held up in the Apple certification process, while others were, is because Pioneer has had several years of Apple certification for CarPlay and it did not make major hardware changes to its 2016 line, it said.

“We went through a lengthy process of getting our initial product out in 2014…so we’re on our third year. So we’re making minor changes to hardware and a software update, so we don’t have as far to go as others who were starting with a brand new platform.  As a result, we’ve been able to gain certification and we’ve been in the market since March,” said VP Marketing Ted Cardenas.

Kenwood 2016 CarPlay models include the eXcelon DNX893S, eXcelon DNX693S, eXcelon DDX9903S and the eXcelon DDX6903S as well as the Kenwood DNX773S, DNX573S, DDX9703S and DDX6703S.

Half those models also get Android Auto including the eXcelon DNX893S, eXcelon DDX9903S as well as the Kenwood DNX773S and DDX9703S.

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  1. Carplay has been a great seller. Android Auto has been slow an does not work as well as everyone thought it would. Carplay has been flawless in it’s operation and works fantastic.

  2. I agree with Daniel. Just scrap the CarPlay for now ( like GM has done due to supply probs)
    And ship us product. We needed Indash Nav product 3 months ago. I guess that’s why Pioneer is #1 in sales now, and that’s just sad.

  3. This is bad business. Why didn’t Kenwood have this figured out long ago? I have a list of people a mile long waiting on the radios and as everybody else, it is almost certain that half of them are tired of waiting and have gone to other brands! Thanks, Kenwood.

  4. Take CarPlay and Android auto out of the Nav units and make an update when Apple and Google wake up. CarPlay and Android Auto are nothing special anyway. Both barely have any useful features and are slow anyways.

    1. please …..please…..please tell me that you are NOT in the car audio sales industry. How can you say that either has barely any useful features? Have you ever even used Android Auto? I use it ever damn day. Having google maps for NAV is amazing. Using google now for commands is flawless. I can speak to text and have my messages read to me. I use google play music and can play ANY FREAKING SONG I WANT whenever I want by telling google now. I can ask any score to any sports game I want and google will tell me. Your shop seems to be a bunch of idiots I wouldn’t trust with a potato gun. Do yourself a favor……Demo Android Auto and ask it for tips on life….I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

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