Android Auto Goes Wireless

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Android N in car

Here’s another update from the Google I/O conference Wednesday. Android Auto will get a wireless connection to an Android Auto radio over WiFi, so you no longer need to plug the phone into the radio with a physical cable, reports Jalopnik and USA Today.  But of course that means there must be a WiFi hotspot in the car.   The feature should be made available later this year.

While CarPlay technically allows for wireless CarPlay, also via WiFi, no radio maker or car maker has yet to implement it.

Other news from I/O is that that cars themselves may soon run on the newest update to Android, Android N.   Actually, some car makers already use Android for their infotainment systems but Android N adds more features including support for HVAC controls, multi-channel audio, backup cameras, a full Bluetooth stack and full digital instrument clusters says CNET.

What this means for drivers is they might be able to download apps to the car radio directly from Google Play.  You can read more about Android N in the car here.

Source: Jalopnik, USA Today, CNET

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