Pioneer Adds Spotify to Basic CD Receivers

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Pioneer FH-X730BS

Pioneer Electronics announced Friday six new CD receivers and a CD-less receiver all with Spotify, allowing users to control Spotify from the radio (when used with a connected phone).

Spotify control will work with both iPhone and Android devices. Listeners can play, pause and skip tracks using the Pioneer controls, and with a few taps, they can browse playlists, albums and radio stations.

Premium Spotify users can download music and listen offline with no internet connection.

The system works over  Bluetooth for Android devices and USB cable for iPhones.

The new radios include three single CD models, DEH-X8800BHS, DEH-X7800BHS, and DEH-X6800BS, and three double DIN models, FH-X830BHS, FH-X730BS, and FH-X731BT and the MVH-X580BS CD-less digital media model.

All include Bluetooth audio streaming and the ability to maintain a full-time connection to two phones.

Pioneer also announced three new subwoofers designed to fit into smaller spaces, the TS-WX120A amplified subwoofer, and the TS-SWX3002 and TS-SWX2002 12” and 8” shallow-mount pre-loaded enclosures.

All the new radios offer Pandora and all but one — the FH-X731BT –have SiriusXM capability. Three models also include HD Radio—the DEH-X8800BHS, DEH-X7800BHS, and FH-X830BHS.

The new decks also include FLAC playback via USB at up to 44kHz/16bit high resolution.

In addition to Spotify, the new line includes other features found on Pioneer’s higher end NEX line including Auto EQ and  Time Alignment circuitry, it said.

Suggested retail prices are: $180 (DEH-X8800BHS), $180 (FH-X830BHS), $150 (DEH-X7800BHS), $150 (FH-X730BS), $140 (FH-X731BT), $120 (DEH-X6800BS) and $100 (MVH-X580BS

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  1. The real story here is that Pioneer is introducing six new CD players. Who needs/burns/plays CD’s anymore? Might as well introduce an 8 track. Last I checked just about everyone gets their music from a digital source aka iPhone or Android. This is part of the problem with the 12 volt manufacturers…they keep jamming archaic technology at the consumers and wonder why their sales are down. Even computer manufacturers know the “spinning disc” days are over.

    C’mon you Brainiacs…get a little more creative. The 12 volt industry needs your next big thing.

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