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Drivers are willing to pay up to 10 percent of a new car’s value, above the car price, to get the in-car tech they want, says a new study by Accenture. And they are willing to buy this technology AFTER the car purchase.

The findings led Accenture to conclude, “Consumer interest in spending more on desired in-car functionality … and the concept of the connected vehicle itself…are transforming the way consumers view the automobile.”

Over half (55 percent) of respondents in the US, China and Germany want stolen vehicle tracking and recovery, navigation, and remote parked car locator systems. A third would pay more for these in-car services.

In the US, 80 percent want a stolen vehicle recovery/tracker system.

Here’s an interesting finding… when asked about future technologies, a third said they want their car to integrate with smart home functions and 20 percent would pay more for it.

Accenture also found that consumers are willing to buy car technology after the purchase of the car.  It concludes this is a good opportunity only for car makers but CEoutlook believes car audio specialists should also find opportunity in the trend.

“Consumers are becoming more inclined to make separate purchases of the in-car functions they want most, offering automakers the opportunity to increase revenues and create after-sales relationships with their customers–– but only they can better accommodate demand for the right functionality and services,” said Axel Schmidt, managing director in Accenture’s automotive practice.

The study also said 75 of respondents are interested in getting vehicle health reports and most consumers want automatically generated emergency roadside alerts sent out in an accident.

For the future, consumers (35 percent) want concierge services, such as voice-activated responses to location-based questions, and 19 percent willing to pay more for this.

You can see more on the  report here.


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