Rockford Transfers to Hybrid Audio Distribution of Brax, Helix

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Hybrid Audio

Rockford Corporation announced that Hybrid Audio Technologies is taking over the role of the US  distributor for Audiotec Fischer brands Brax, Helix and Match from Rockford, the previous US/Mexico distributor.

Effective April 25, Brax, Helix, and Match will now be managed under the name Audiotec Fischer Brands USA as a sister company to Hybrid Audio.

Rockford had announced in January, that it would no longer distribute the brands so Hybrid Audio President Scott Buwalda pursued the opportunity to take over as distributor. After three months of negotiations, Hybrid won the deal.  It has purchased all Brax, Helix and Match inventory from Rockford as is now fully stocked and will begin taking orders on Friday, Buwalda said.

“It’s a world renown product line and an exceptional product and it brings prestige to my brand and my company,” he said.

Hybrid will service all Brax, Helix and Match warranties in the US and Mexico and handle all sales and all technical support.

“We plan to expand the reach of each brand as we grow them in parallel with each other, complementing a large and diverse collection of the very finest retailers across the USA. Additionally, a distribution announcement in Mexico is imminent,” Buwalda said.

Bill Jackson CEO of Rockford said, “… Brax, Helix, and Match are in good hands with Hybrid Audio Technologies, and we wish them continued success.”

Dealers may contact Hybrid Audio at 770-888-8200 or e-mail[email protected]. Brax, Helix, and Match retailers, sales representatives, and distributors may email Buwalda at [email protected].  Orders can be placed at [email protected].

Hybrid Audio, a speaker brand popular in sound competitions, was founded in Atlanta in June 2005.

Audiotec Fisher was founded in 1990.  It is a world-wide supplier of high end audio to more than 50 countries, with product made in Germany. Brax and Helix products include high end digital signal processors (DSPs).



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