Here’s the Newest OEM Dashboard

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Tesla Model 3

This new car may have the ultimate “tablet dash.”

The whole dashboard on new Tesla Model 3, which went on “pre-sale” last week, includes just a 15 inch infotainment screen.  There’s no gauge clusters behind the wheel. You must glance at the tablet for your speed and battery level.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3 dash. Credit: The Verge

The tablet is planted mid-dash in landscape mode (earlier Tesla models had 17 inch screens sitting vertically in the console).

Reuters says the screen is made by LG , but that’s about all we know of the infotainment center.

The Verge speculates that the dash is so bare because the car will be able to function as an autonomous vehicle, so the single screen mid-dash will be sufficient. That’s actually not far- fetched as the car actually ships around Christmas 2017 and Tesla has said it plans an autonomous car by 2018.

The Model 3 should be more than a flash in the pan.  After only four days of reservation-taking, it became the top selling small luxury car, with reservations topping 276,000, said the Wall Street Journal on April 3. (Note: not all reservations may turn into sales, however).

By comparison, BMW sold about 95,000 of its 3-series models in all of 2015 in the US (at roughly the same size and price as the Tesla Model 3).

As for other vehicles with tablet-like infotainment systems, the Volvo XC90 has a 9.5-inch tablet-like screen.  And many car makers have recently shown concept cars with tablets in the dash.

You can see more specs on the Model 3 here.

Source:  Wall Street Journal, The Verge, Fortune, The Motley Fool

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