Car Audio Guys Open Window Tint School

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Window Tint School

One of the first independent national window tint schools (that is not a retail operation) is opening to help car audio and other dealers expand into window film and train their technicians.

The school also hopes to lessen the general shortage in trained window tint installers.

The simply named Window Tint School is run by 12V industry digital media expert Jon Dewar and award winning car audio retailer Darren Fettik.

Based in Jacksonville, FL, it will initially offer two 3-day “boot camps,” one to train technicians, and the other for managers on the business side of selling window tint.  The first class starts April 18.

The school was opened as a result of Dewar’s traveling around the country to help dealers improve their retail operations and digital media.

“One thing is crystal clear; these retailers need profit centers to exist….  Unfortunately, selling boxes of many brands, there’s a limit to profits in an Amazon and eBay world.  So they raise their installation price and that’s good but they need to expand their portfolio,” he said.

Many 12 volt dealers enter window film, but they don’t know how to hire for it, how to buy it, brand it or make money with it, he said.  Many are handling two window film installs a day, when ideally they could do six, he said.

The window film “boot camp”  teaches installation techniques and explains the laws regarding window film.   “Tint master” DJ Medvec will serve as one of the window tint instructors, said Dewar.

A second boot camp is a “money maker” class for owners and managers to learn how to leverage the store’s brand, and to learn SEO and advertising basics.  Students also learn presentation and salesmanship, sales strategies for both automotive and flat glass (residential window film), and tips for managing vendor partner relationships.

The money maker boot camp also teaches how to increase production, and how to use plotters for both film and vinyl graphics.

“A plotter can become your best employee.  We teach the need to own one and become efficient at it, using it as a selling tool.  Then during down time, it should be cutting vinyl like racing stripes on a Camaro or Mustang or stickers for your back window,” said Dewar.

The school has 10 dedicated front door stations, 8 rear clips of different vehicles including rear windows and rear doors to provide hands on training at different degrees of difficulty.  It also has a room for specialty windows such as sliding rear truck glass, rear gasket windows, van windows, front windshields and different flat glass windows.

You can see pricing and curriculum info here and here

Co-Founder Darren Fettik is owner of Audio Designs and Custom Graphics, Jacksonville, FL.  Co-Founder Dewar is owner of Modern Media Geeks and is a retail operations consultant.

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