Clarion Canada Reaffirms its Market Commitment

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Clarion Canada issued a statement reaffirming its own commitment to Canadian retailers, following Clarion’s exit from the US brick and mortar market, announced this week.

The US withdrawal from storefronts is “strictly a US decision,” and does not impact Clarion in Canada, it said.

“Clarion Canada Inc will continue to wholeheartedly support our independent specialist dealers and distributors,” said Roland Stebner, Director Sales and Marketing for Clarion Canada.

He added, “Our recent investment in a new facility in Mississauga, Ontario emphasizes our commitment to provide our dealers with sales, marketing, administration, customer and technical support, service and warehousing all under one roof. We are the only head unit company left in Canada able to provide this level of integrated service.”

Stebner continued, “Clarion Canada Inc will continue to independently develop products that meet the performance requirements of our specialist dealers. We are excited about the upcoming release of our DSP equipped XC7 series of amplifiers. Our dealers should find these a powerful tool in the ongoing challenge of OEM integration.”

“With our recent addition of Orion Car Audio and more brands to come in the near future, there are no plans to change our distribution strategy, other than to increase our share of the market. To all our Canadian customers, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to a prosperous future,” said Stebner.


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  1. You are crazy if you think clarion gives any crap about you guys in Canada. It should be obvious. They only care about moving boxes. Not about our industry. Their first move was to go distribution only and now to sell direct to Internet reatailers. Who does that cut out? What does hat show you? That they don’t care about the specialists who are the ones who helped to build clarion to begin with. Race to zero and no one wins!

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