Sundown Audio Grabs Market Share

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Sundown Audio

Sundown Audio is one of a handful of new car audio companies started by young enthusiasts that are achieving mainstream status and winning a share of the car audio pie.

Another such brand we have profiled is CT Sounds.

Sundown Audio is now seeing annual sales above $5 million.

It was launched in 2006 by enthusiast Jacob Fuller at the age of 21,  His first customer was Brandon Sparks, at the time 23, who is now VP for Sundown.

They first met working at a car dealership where Sparks was a mechanic and Fuller was a kid in high school who swept the floors at the shop. They both moved to jobs at a local restyle shop and eventually Fuller started designing subwoofers and launched Sundown Audio.

The hope was to sell locally to North Carolina dealers.

He posted on car audio forums and began to get a following from SPL and SQ (sound pressure level and sound quality) competitors. But what really helped the company was when it offered around 2008/2009,  a trade in program where customers could bring in amplifiers from other brands and receive a stipend towards a Sundown product.

“We started getting more popular. It started in small areas state by state. In Texas we got one or two good customers and they started showing their friends, who went to local dealers asking for it, and then they become dealers. With Texas, specifically, it just exploded. In a matter of a month we had 15 to 20 dealers in Texas,” said Sparks.

Other states where the brand is now gaining popularity include Florida and New York state, he said.

Today, Sundown has about 350 dealers.

The company says its claim to fame is offering unique product. Fuller creates 10 prototype designs of a new amplifier over the course of a year to get the sound and the look he wants, said Sparks.

Sundown now offers 8 lines of subwoofers with a new budget 12 inch subwoofer shipping soon. It has a power handling rating of 300 watts RMS at $79.99.

Sundown subwoofers, all totaled, range in price from $79 to $2,100 for a 12 inch model.

Three lines of amplifiers range from $185 to $2,000.

Sundown also offers two lines of coaxial speakers and two lines of component speakers plus pro audio speakers.

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  1. Too bad Sundown sells to consumers right off thier dock, and competes with thier own dealers with forum Sales too!

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