JL Audio Ships It’s First Head Unit

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JL Audio's first marine head unit

JL Audio is now shipping its first head unit, a marine audio MediaMaster MM100s deck, first unveiled at CES in January.

The $549.99 deck allows JL Audio, which also sells popular marine speakers and amplifiers, to now offer full marine audio systems.

The deck may be used in car audio applications but that is not its intended application.

It will ship in limited quantities this month with full shipments available in April.

JL Audio’s president, Andrew Oxenhorn said: “The MediaMaster is a very important product for us, as it creates an opportunity to build a full JL Audio marine sound system, from source unit to amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers.”

The radio is marine grade and weatherproof (IP66 rated).  It does not include chip amplifiers, as used in most marine source units, said the company. Instead it uses “audiophile quality” preamp-level audio circuits in an 8-channel architecture with 4V RMS outputs. The design allows system building flexibility for four zones including a subwoofer zone.

The mechless (CDless) player includes an AM/FM/weather band tuner with Bluetooth audio streaming with AptX CODEC and full control of play/pause and track up/down functions.

It is SiriusXM ready and NMEA 2K compliant so it can network with other marine electronics.

JL Audio’s Jeff Scoon said, “The audio engineering team focused on making a better sounding head unit, the hardware team on making a classy looking product that could withstand real marine conditions, and the software team created a beautiful interface that works great on the water.”

The MediaMaster has a full color 3.5 inch CD display with day/night modes and it works with optional MMR-20 remote controls.

Here are the system configurations supported by the unit:

  • Main Audio Zone features bass, midrange, treble and balance controls.
  • Audio Zone 2 is a full-range zone with independent bass, midrange, treble and balance controls, plus absolute or relative volume control.
  • Audio Zone 3 can be assigned as a Subwoofer Zone or as a 3rd Full-Range Zone with independent bass, midrange, treble, balance controls, plus absolute or relative volume control.
  • Audio Zone 4 is a fixed level zone
  • Zones 1-3 feature a zero-clipping audio circuit design, with self-limiting tone controls to prevent speaker system damage.

JL Audio also introduced at CES two Bluetooth receivers for marine audio.

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  1. About Time: This has something for the last 15 years I knew they were going to do.
    Seems they didn’t miss the boat on this one, but hey might have missed the car unless they go into the OEM market. And the should. I also think they should offer Home Audio components Receivers and Tuners, as well as Portable systems. And make all of in the USA only.

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