Scosche Ships MagicMount PRO Dash Mounts

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Scosche Industries is now shipping its new magicMOUNT PRO magnetic smartphone mounts for the car.

MagicMOUNT uses high-powered, neodymium magnets to mount tablets and phones on the dash. (The magnets do not harm your phone or device.)  The new PRO line adds more powerful magnets with optional colorful trim rings and it can work with GPS and other devices through an adhesive-backed mounting plate.

The smartphone mounts let drivers keep both hands on the wheel while using Siri or Cortana voice control, making calls and navigating with GPS.

The magicMOUNT PRO Dash/Window (MPWD) mounts mobile devices to the dash or window for portrait or landscape viewing.  It includes more powerful magnets that deliver 30 percent greater device holding strength. It is built with Scosche’s stickGRIP material for a tight hold on the dash or other surfaces. It is available for $39.99 at

The magicMOUNT PRO Dash (MPD) is a low profile mount that sits on the dash for easy one-hand device access and use.  It has a 4-axis adjustable angle lock-nut with 30 percent stronger magnets.  Users can mount devices in portrait, landscape or any desired angle.  It’s base is bendable, so it can mount on curved surfaces. It is available now for $29.99 at

The magicMOUNT PRO VENT (MPV) attaches to any vent horizontal, vertical, angled or circular in a vehicle. It is available at $29.99 at

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