New Multi-Channel Programmable Trigger From PAC

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PAC released a smart trigger device that offers 8 inputs and 4 programmable outputs for audio and security installations.

The TR12 programmable trigger module includes 4 positive and 4 configurable as positive or negative trigger inputs. And for outputs, each channel can be designated to generate a pulsed, latched, timed, actuator, ground, and positive 12 Volt trigger (with up to 3 amps of current) using a PC.

The TR12 can solve many  installation issues, from timing out a device in a car to controlling small motors in a custom install.

Through the TR12 application on a computer, each of the 4 outputs can be customized, set for specific objectives and precisely controlled to specs and timing.

The TR12 comes pre-configured for common uses including settings for Pioneer, Alpine, and Clarion radios.

“The TR12 is going to be extremely handy for installers because it can resolve so many different types of installation issues,” said Nathan Wincek, product manager of integration products for AAMP Global. “With this, you’ll only need one device for initiating up to four triggers, and because it’s programmable, you can be creative in how it’s used.”

The PC application can be downloaded from the TR12 product page on at no cost.

The PAC TR12 module is now available for a suggested retail price of $69.95.

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