Mobile Solutions Invests in CNC

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Mobile Solutions

 Mobile Solutions, the 12 volt training and tool company, announced the purchase of a commercial CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router that can triple manufacture rates and help the company produce more innovative products.

Mobile Solutions may also offer a CNC training class for select students in the future, with lessons in conceptual design and mass production.

Mobile Solutions chose the 8,000-pound C.R. Onsrud because of its ability to handle large-sized materials, as well as its weight. “I can’t stress how important the weight is when mass-producing with precision,” said Mobile Solution’s President Bryan Schmitt. “A CNC has lots of parts that move and create vibration. So the more mass it has and the stronger it’s made, the less vibration it will create and the more accurate the parts will be.”

He added, “The new machine enables us to increase production almost threefold. Also, with its expanded capability we can design more unique products and complicated projects to stay up-to-date and even ahead of market needs.”

The Mobile Solutions facility was expanded in late 2015, increasing the floor plan to 6,800 square feet to add a formal classroom area.

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