New Installer School Launches in June

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EVOL school

A new training center for car stereo installers is under construction in Clarksville, TN that is expected to be completed by mid-May.

The center is lead by Micah Williams founder of award-winning retailer Sonus Evolution who currently offers EVOL training and tools.

He plans to create a full school and campus with a “professional environment” for corporate and manufacturing training.

He’s developed a technician rating system for installers to help train and guide technicians through a long term program to teach the skills and knowledge needed to work on today’s cars.

As many of the basic installation tasks have become complex in working on newer cars, the school aims to help car stereo technicians keep up with technology.

Williams said, “The rating system itself is meant to be a sort of bio of the technician’s strengths and weaknesses – which helps get them into the role that they are best suited for, but also allows shop owners to obtain more focused training for these technicians in their weaker areas…”  Shop owners can also then find techs who are skilled in specific areas.

A real-time rating update system also allows shop owners to monitor progress of employees at the school.

“The effort is expected to realize a much needed industry standard of technician evaluation to allow shop owners to gauge and improve their staff, and to choose the right replacement candidates going forward,” said Williams.

The school offers up to 1,280 hours of training, including classroom work, and hands-on instruction. Tuition varies based on the program, and tuition assistance is available at most budgets.

Programs cover:

  • MECP Certification Testing
  • Training on audio, video, tint, remote start, upholstery, radar, safety systems, and metalworking
  • Sound Quality demonstration and tuning techniques by proven competition champions
  • Advanced fabrication techniques with composites, alloys, and specialized tooling
  • Sales training with a focus on client interaction and habit coaching
  • Store and shop management skills and daily routine coaching to promote efficiency
  • Priority access and discounts to annual EVOL training events and products
  • Career path placement services through our extensive network of mobile electronics stores


The school is currently booking for June classes.

For more information, contact Williams at [email protected], or call 931-802-8913

Photo-EVOL school floor plan

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