Harman Cleared by Fed on Car Radios

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The Fed last week closed its investigation of Harman radios, concluding that the hacking vulnerability of Harman radios in Chrysler vehicles was limited to Chrysler and did not affect other Harman-supplied radios in Audi, Volkswagen and Bentley vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a report last week, it agreed with Harman’s claims that the hardware and security software used in Harman radios for other car makers differed from those in the Chrysler Uconnect radios.

Also Audi said its infotainment technology had better security because its online services and WiFi connectivity are located on a separate hardware module and there’s a gateway between vehicle systems and communication domains.

Both Audi and Bentley also installed multi-layered security measures.

NHTSA said, “Based on a thorough review of the technical information supplied in the course of this investigation, there does not appear to be a reason to suspect that the infotainment head units Harman supplied to other vehicle manufacturers contain the vulnerabilities identified by FCA. Accordingly, this investigation is closed.”

Source: NHTSA via ComputerWorld

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