Hertz Lowers Prices; Enters Hi-Res Audio

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Hertz H8 DSP

Hertz is lowering its prices significantly this year, with some products seeing reductions of around 25 percent.

As of January 1, the high end maker of amplifier and speakers, reduced prices on Hi-Energy label components and coaxials and Hertz HDP and HCP woofers as well as  Hertz woofers.

In addition, Hertz showed during CES, its first DSP amplifier, joining its higher end sister company Audison in providing a Hi-Res Audio processor.

Hertz said it lowered prices in order to be more competitive and it has moved to a business model of hitting specific price points.

The Hertz HDP5 5-channel compact amplifier, which sold for $799, is now $599. A Hi-Energy coaxial speaker that was $349 last year is now $249 and a component set that was $549 is now $399. Also a Hi-Energy 12 inch woofer that had a street price of $299 last year is now $219.

Pricing at Audison will remain the same.

Hertz’s first DSP amplifier, the H8 DSP can work with an analog or digital source to create Hi-Res Audio using a 32 bit Cirrus Logic processor at 147 MHz with digital signal processing chips and analog to digital (AD) and digital to analog (DA) converters at 48Hz with 24 bit resolution.

It provides automatic de-equalization of the head unit’s audio signal and full bandwidth reconstruction with a simple push button switch (so need for a PC).

It has 7 inputs and 8 outputs including an optical digital input, 4 independent high-level input channels with auto summing capability, 1 analog low-level stereo auxiliary input, and 1 high-level audio interrupt input for phone mute.

Also included is a 31-band graphic equalizer, crossover filters and time alignment.

A shipping date and price for the H8 DSP was not available.

Photo: H8 DSP shown on right

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  1. Ok seriously hertz too now i applaud the new high res ideas taking the mp3 signals aidiophiles hate and putting them back to real musoc files but why should it be that way why not let ppl who dont car about music back in they choose there datiged mp3 and mp4 or wav not us why do we now have to suffer a resurgence of people who know nothing about audio and why they need these diles to come back into the scene especially in oz

    Ohh yeah cause otherwise there will never be new blood because if your not licked or you become too good at what you do or proove the current regime wrong time and time again you get blackballed and summarily nagged and nagged away from anything audio relayted its so sad that so few decide who and what was good in auduo in australia as hertz and auddisson and aingoni and celestra and mosconi (whicj i know very very personally as i was the first company to distribute it in australia) and i find it hard that so many good brands have been offerd to the australuan public and alot took them on and loved rhem and some won comps even in un finished form came second in the biggest comp in oz we but if its not done the way that the few thi k is right its not rite i had some powerful backers in the industry on who sadly is no longer with us rip mate i miss our long talks about the state if the industry and a couple of the other good ol boys who built audio to what it was before these clicks of well idiots took over i 0ay homnage to my eldera for getting us tjis far and food on hertz for bringing out thos sort of tech but leta hope the current powers that be in oz like it because if it messes with their agenda then well we will see

    And yes its ironic a conspiricy nut has dyslexia and cant spell or use grammer i het it

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