JL Audio Intros New RD Amplifier Series

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JL Audio RD amplifier

JL Audio is replacing its JX series of budget priced amplifiers with a new RD series with improved technology.

The four model line uses higher end technology including JL Audio’s NexD Class D technology.  The line gets a new sophisticated input section, using the company’s dual-range differential-balanced technology, for less noise.

Automatic turn-on is also built-in, selectable between Signal Sensing and DC Offset Sensing modes.

JL is also including for the first time on an amplifier, onboard LED clipping indicators. Installers can load a test CD or file with a full-scale sine wave, and then use the LED indicators to quickly determine the right input sensitivity setting, without the need for additional test equipment.


RD500/1 monoblock subwoofer amplifier
Rated Power @ 14.4V, <1% THD+N: 250W @ 4Ω, 500W @ 2Ω
MSRP: USD $349.99

RD1000/1 monoblock subwoofer amplifier
Rated Power @ 14.4V, <1% THD+N: 500W @ 4Ω, 1000W @ 2Ω
MSRP: USD $549.99

Signal Processing Features (both monoblock models):
•    Low-Pass Filter (50-500 Hz, 12 dB/oct., non-defeatable)
•    Bass Boost EQ (0 to +12 dB @ 45 Hz)
•    Remote Level Control Port (for RBC-1 controller, sold separately)
•    Pass-Thru Pre-Outs

RD400/4 four-channel full-range amplifier
Rated Power @ 14.4V, <1% THD+N: 75W x 4 @ 4Ω, 100W x 4 @ 2Ω
MSRP:  USD $349.99

Signal Processing Features:
•    Switchable High-Pass or Low-Pass Filter for each channel pair (50-500 Hz, 12 dB/oct., defeatable)
•    2/4 channel input switch
•    Bridging switch for each channel pair
•    Pass-through F+R summed pre-outs

RD900/5 five-channel system amplifier
Rated Power @ 14.4V, <1% THD+N: 75W x 4 + 250W x 1 @ 4Ω,
100W x 4 + 500W x 1 @ 2Ω
MSRP: USD $599.99

Signal Processing Features:
•    High-Pass Filter for Front and Rear Channel Pairs
(50-500 Hz, 12 dB/oct., non-defeatable)

•    Low-Pass Filter for Subwoofer Channel
(50-500 Hz, 12 dB/oct., non-defeatable)
•    Remote Level Control Port (for RBC-1, sold separately)
•    Bridging switches for front and rear channel pairs
•    2/4/6 channel input switch





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