First of its Kind Bluetooth Remote Start Debuts at CES

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VOXX Electronics announced a unique Bluetooth module for remote start, that allows a remote starter to work with a smartphone within 50 to 80 feet from the car without service charges.

The new Bluetooth module also turns your phone into a spare car key, because the VOXX remote start system includes keyless entry.

The Bluetooth module is free with VOXX’s new Prestige PROCORE remote starters.  Users need only download an app for $7.99. Once the app is installed the driver’s smartphone is turned into a remote start transmitter and a spare car key with no monthly fees.

VOXX will also offer a standalone version of the Bluetooth module  that can be used with remote starters from other brands for a price of $69.99.

VOXX considers Bluetooth a stepping stone to fully advanced remote start cellular-based systems that can start the car from miles away with the user’s cellphone. It gives customers an incentive to start using their smartphone as a transmitter and car key.  Then they may want extended range, and upgrade to a full cellular version with near-unlimited range at $99/year.

Currently, remote start-from-a-phone systems in general from many brands are not selling as well as they might because of the premium price and because there is no interim step from a basic (non-connected) $299 remote start system to the more costly remote-start-from-a-phone system, said VOXX Electronics President Tom Malone.

“Now we give them an interim step, introducing them to unlocking and starting your car through your phone,” at basically no charge, said Malone.  “….it changes the way remote starts are sold.”

He added, “If you are a runner and you want to leave your keys in the car you can.  Or if you locked your keys in the car…or broke your transmitter, you will always have a  transmitter at almost no cost. In addition, that app connects you and your car to 17 different insurance companies where you can elect to let them look at your driving information,” for a discount on insurance premiums.

The new Bluetooth remote start system will be available in early spring.


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