Dual, Axxera Car Radios Now Control Android Phones

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Dual Electronics introduced at CES 2016 new AV decks under both Dual and Axxera that can now control an Android phone from the radio as well as mirror the phone’s screen.

The top model in each line also has a smartphone-like (capacitive) touch screen.  And the radios also work with an optional WiFi dongle for wireless control over your Android phone so you can leave your phone in your pocket.  (Last year, Dual offered 1-way mirroring but the radios couldn’t control the phone).

Under the Dual brand, the top-of-the-line model with Android control is the DV695MB.

For iPhone users, the DV695MB, works over a wired connection to mirror info from the iPhone (but not control the phone).

The optional dongle is the DMH25 Dual Cast WiFi dongle, which plugs into the USB and HDMI inputs of the radio.

The deck also provides 1080p playback via USB, HDMI and Bluetooth and it ships in January at $379.99.

Two other new Dual decks offer mirroring plus Android control including the DV635MB at a$219.99 suggested retail price and the DV735MB at $229.99.

Android control also comes to the Axxera line this year on three new models, as well as Bluetooth with display of song and artist information, and Pandora control. Axxera models also get 1080p playback via USB, and 2.1A USB charging (capable of charging a tablet) and 4V preamp outputs. The top-of-the-line Axxera model with wireless Android control and mirroring is a double DIN DVD receiver with a 6.2-inch capacitive touch screen, HDMI, 1080p playback, and Bluetooth, model AV6995MB that ships in January at $399.99 suggested retail price.

Dual also joined the transformation to Hi-Res Audio at CES with one of the first car head units that allows playback of lossless music files streamed over WiFi from a smartphone. The new DWF916L won a CES Innovation Award.

In basic decks, Dual and Axxera are showing new CD and mechless in-dash players starting at a suggested- $39.99 for the Dual XR4116 mechless model with 3.7-inch screen and front USB, but without Bluetooth. Axxera mechless models start at $79.99 with Bluetooth streaming and Pandora control.


Photo: DV695MB.

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