Here’s An Aftermarket Handsfree Tailgate Opener

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VAIS technology handfree tailgate

A new aftermarket handsfree tailgate opener for sedans and SUVs will be offered by VAIS Technology early next year.VAIS says the product is a first of its kind for the aftermarket.


It allows drivers to walk up to the back of the car and open the back trunk without pressing a button, convenient for when your hands are loaded with groceries, packages or when carrying kids. Currently this feature is available as an OEM option that requires the driver place his foot under the bumper to activate a sensor.


VAIS’s system is slightly different as you can tap the license plate with your hand, elbow or knee or an every-day object like a purse or grocery bag. This activates the sensor and then the car verifies the proximity of the key fob to open the trunk or liftgate.


The system is unique in that it works with both SUVs and sedans. It is patent pending.


Availability is expected in March for Toyota/Lexus push start button models, with regular key vehicles to follow shortly. A version for Chevy/Cadillac is due in April and a model for Nissan/Infinity is expected in May.

A video of the product may be seen here.


Expected retail price is around $300.

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  1. So does Directed = SmartKey. They can work with the Smart Start system or just as a stand alone blue tooth proximity sensor. It can also lock the doors when you walk away from a user programmed distance. I guess you could have the tail gate come back down, as if it was a door lock command.

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