Fortin Announces 3X Lock Remote Start for Toyota H-Key Vehicles

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Fortin EVO ONE

Fortin Electronics Systems announced a new remote start data module solution designed to work with many popular Toyota vehicles.  It includes the ability to remote start the car using the factory key when you press three times on the lock button, so there’s no need to carry an extra remote start keyfob.

The new Fortin data module solution works with Toyota models that use a highly encrypted H-Key, including late model Camrys and Corollas.  Until recently, in order to add aftermarket remote start to these vehicles, drivers were required to give up a car key (that would be permanently installed).  With the new data modules there’s no need to give up a car key.

Both the Fortin EVO-ONE and the EVO-ALL now work Toyota H-Key models.

Fortin’s EVO-ONE module is an all-in-one immobilizer bypass, door lock, digital high current remote starter and security system.

Fortin EVO-ALL is a digital bypass, convenience and security system.

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