Hybrid Audio Takes Championship Trophies

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Hybrid Audio champions 2015

Hybrid Audio Technologies said it won 8 season championships in 3 car stereo sound off organizations over the recent weekend.

Team Hybrid cars competed in five of the seven possible formats for the International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA) winning four of them during the 2015  INAC Car Audio Championships.    The titles taken included the Ultimate 2-seat and Pro (Scott Welch), Pro/Am (Larry Ng), and Rookie (Jason Edwards]).  Team Hybrid also took a winning spot in the Amateur category (Bramouse Muhammad]).

Combined, Team Hybrids cars scored fifteen top-three finishes over the weekend. This in addition to three 2015 Season Championships in the European Mobile Multimedia Association (EMMA) (Richard Salmon, Lee Dunstan, and Peter Steinbacher), capped with a one-two sweep in MECA Extreme (Scott Welch and Davy Hay).

Additionally Charles Haley and Bramouse Muhammad, using Hybrid Audio Technologies products, won key awards in the IASCA and MECA formats; the BOBOS (Best of Best of Show) award in MECA and 1-seat IASCA Triple Crown, respectively.

To learn more about Hybrid Audio Technologies, visit hybrid-audio.com.

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