Lane Watch for Most Aftermarket Radios

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GCH Lane Watch for any radio

Now you can add Lane Watch to any aftermarket car radio that has a backup camera input, including radios from Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, JVC and Clarion.

GCH Automotive is offering a $299 kit that lets you add side cameras to a vehicle to show the adjacent lanes for a view that minimizes blind spots.   Lane Watch lets you add a camera to each side mirror, and link them to the turn signals so when a turn signal is activated, you get a full view of the adjacent lane on your car radio screen.

“We feel that Lane Watch is the next evolution of camera integration in driver safety,” said GCH’s Greg Delgado. “At GCH, we want to…help simplify the installation and integration process..” Installation consists of power and ground for the cameras and left and right turn signal triggers.

The package includes two cameras, a video interface module and connected harnesses. There’s no calibration necessary. The cameras have 360-adjustable lenses and they come bundled with an adjustment tool, Delgado said.

GCH is also offering vehicle specific versions of Lane Watch for General Motors, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, and Infinity vehicles with products for Mercedes and BMW vehicles to be launched next month. They enable the addition of Lane Watch on the passenger and/or driver side so the image of the adjacent lanes appears on the factory screen when the turn signal is activated. They use 360-degree adjustable cameras so the camera may be adjusted to be horizontal to the pavement (as some of the mirrors, where the cameras mount, are slightly angled, which can distort the camera image), said Delgado.

The OEM-specific Lane Watch systems range in price from $399 to $899.

GCH Automotive may be reached at 951-847-6299 or at [email protected]

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