Audison Intros Passive Mixer; HD Amp

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Audison Full DA HD

Audison will ship a new car audio passive mixer and a new HD amplifier this fall, it said.

The SPM4 passive mixer is a black box that can sum different frequencies together so they can be fed into a separate processor. For Audison, this allows more systems to work with its four-channel bit Ten processor.

The SPM4 has a maximum power input of 50 watts peak. It also has a phase inverter, so depending on the type of signal you are connecting to, you can select the correct phase on the unit. It is expected to ship in late November at a price to be announced.

Also this fall, Audison is shipping the Voce AV 5.1k HD amplifier, which is similar to the current 5.1k but it adds a built-in digital input and it has a higher resolution of 96kHz/24 bit audio. The product is designed for anyone using Hi-Res Audio FLAC files in the car and using an Audison digital processor. It allows users to carry the digital signal into the amplifier, maintaining the Hi-Res signal chain.

The amplifier, like the earlier 5.1K uses three different amplifier topologies for maximum sound quality.  It has 2 channels using a type A amplifier, 2-channels using AB and a Class D subwoofer channel.   Audison’s Jason Digos said, “ You want the best sounding channel for the front and Class A is the warmest sounding topology for a car.”  For the remaining channels, with Class AB you get more power, and with Class D you get power and efficiency, he said.

The AV 5.1kHD ships in late October at an expected price of about $2,050. Also a standalone digital input, model AV Bit HD will be available at the same time at $260.  The input is backwards compatible with other Voce amplifiers.

Joining these in late November is the previously announced Prima Pack for the Volkswagen Golf 6. It is a complete plug and play sound package that can be added to the Golf 6. It includes speakers, amplifier, wiring harness and speaker adapters. It also has 7 preset tunings designed by Audison engineers specifically for the car.

Source: Audison

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