MB Quart Launches Polaris Soundbars; Bluetooth Speaker

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MB Quart Polaris soundbar

 MB Quart launched a pair of  Bluetooth Sound Bars and a new Bluetooth speaker exclusively for Polaris dealers.

The Sound Bar 4 and Sound Bar 8 fit almost any Polaris side by side or ATV.

Sound Bar 4 (4-speaker) model has two active 3-inch high-energy drivers with poly composite cones with butyl rubber surrounds.  The high frequency drivers are 1 inch pure titanium tweeters with neodymium magnets that are more powerful than ferrite magnets yet smaller in size. The Sound Bar 4 is available at $379.99.

Sound Bar 8  is similar to the Sound Bar 4, only bigger and with 8 speakers.  It uses four active 3-inch high-energy drivers. Additionally, the Sound Bar 8 uses two 3-inch passive radiators which look like speakers, but are  an additional cone that mechanically doubles the cone area of the active speaker to develop additional low frequency response. It is available at $649.99.

MB Quart Bluetooth speaker based on the QUBFour

They can be paired the the MB Quart Bluetooth Connect remote control that can stream music from a smartphone or tablet to the soundbars, without the need for a radio in the vehicle.

In addition, MB Quart, a Maxxsonics brand, introduced a new Bluetooth speaker for Polaris vehicles.  The portable speaker is based on the MB Quart QUBFour only the Polaris version is waterproof and includes several mounting accessories.

For more information visit www.mbquart.com



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