Wehmeyer and Frederick Teach Vehicle Tuning at KnowledgeFest

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Andy Wehmeyer and Larry Frederick

12 volt experts Andy Wehmeyer and Larry Frederick will hold a 3-part class on car system tuning at KnowledgeFest 2015.

A class will be held each day of the 3-day conference.  And each class will walk through the steps of tuning a vehicle’s audio system, from the tools needed to precisely matching the sound to the interior.

Tuning Cars, Part 1: The Beginning 
Learn how to make money building great-sounding cars.   Learn about the tools you need, the basics you should understand and a process for getting to great sound fast. We’ll also have some fun destroying some myths that may be holding you back. Reserve a seat here.

Tuning Cars, Part 2: The Next Step
Learn how to tune a vehicle predictably every time … in minutes. Understand what is happening with sound in the car environment and learn repeatable steps to setting up any car audio system. We’ll show you how to take any aftermarket system that has time alignment, EQ and crossover adjustments and get close-to-DSP sound quality. Reserve a seat here.

Tuning Cars, Part 3: The Finale
Learn a straightforward process that will make tuning profitable and still leave plenty of room for creativity. Based on long-accepted acoustic fundamentals, this process is tool and processor agnostic. Use it with any of the signal processors on the market and with any of the popular analytic tools. Reserve a seat here.

KnowledgeFest will be held August 15-17 in Dallas, TX.    For more information visit www.KnowledgeFest.org or register here.


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