VOXX CarLink Updates Now Available

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VOXX Electronics said updates to its original CarLink wireless service are now available for purchase.  The CarLink car tracking/convenience service now adds:

–        Automatic Crash SOS will call a response call center automatically when the vehicle detects that a severe crash has occurred

–        Emergency Roadside Assistance provides access to an Emergency Call Center running 24/7 to help you if you break-down, run out of gas, or get a flat tire.

–        Stolen Vehicle Assistance can allow you to share the vehicle location with the police to help recover your vehicle in the event of theft

–        Remote Start & Access provides users with the ability to add Security and Remote Start, letting you control your vehicle through a smartphone application or computer to unlock, lock or start your vehicle (requires the purchase of a VOXX Electronics Security and/or Remote Start modules)

–        Emergency Response will allow you to call a 24/7 Emergency Response call center from your Smartphone when in the vehicle

–        Safe Driver includes a Driver Distraction text blocking service app to reduce texting and driving, Safety Zones (Geo-Fencing) for automatic alerts, and Driver Scoring reports to help improve driving habits

–        Insurance Discount Program provides a digital connection to 19 major Insurance companies for potential insurance discounts when users opt-in to have their driving data reviewed by a selected, participating carrier

–        Vehicle Maintenance Report communicates most major vehicle issues including the check engine light to help reduce your maintenance costs

–        Fuel Reports helps to understand how to reduce your fuel costs based on driving habits

CarLink is a 3G device that plugs into the OBD2 port in a car.

The Basic Service Plan includes Remote Start and Access & Insurance Discount Program for a yearly subscription fee of $59.99.  The Premium Service Plan includes the Basic Service plan as well as all services listed above for a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 with no contract or activation fee required.

“In-vehicle safety services are common features in today’s newest vehicles, however; there are millions of cars on the road today that are not equipped with these OE-style features as standard equipment.  The new CarLink services provide everyone with the ability to enjoy services such as Automatic Crash SOS, Road-side Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Recovery in both older and newer vehicles,” said Dan Murphy, VP of Telematics Solutions, VOXX Electronics.

For more information about CarLink please visit: www.carlinkusa.com or to become a VOXX dealer visit: www.voxxelectronics.com/become-dealer


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