Samsung’s Truck Is An Aftermarket Inspiration

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Car audio retailers, here’s a technology inspiration and a reason to pursue fleet customers for the tech coming down the road.

Samsung announced a prototype Safety Truck that takes a simple front facing camera and engineers a new way to save lives.

Samsung turned the truck’s rear doors into a video wall. So the driver behind the truck gets a video image of the traffic in front of the truck.   This is especially helpful on two-lane roads where a driver may want to pass a slow truck. Now he gets a better view.

It’s also helpful in traffic if there’s a sudden slowdown.

The technology is being tested in Argentina where there are a lot of smaller roads and many people are killed while passing trucks, and it is making headlines in the US.

The video wall on the back of the truck includes four monitors and the system supports night vision.

The 2- minute video below is truly amazing. You can start at the 1 minute mark.


Samsung’s blog said its test trials proved the technology works and it can “definitely save lives.” The next step is to get the permits and approvals necessary to put the technology on the road.

To do that, Samsung is already working with the government in Argentina, where a person dies every hour from a traffic incident.

We thought this might inspire some of you forward thinking dealers here in the US.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  1. With a lack of perspective and no way to judge different trucks length or distance from the oncoming cars, this could kill more people then it saves. By giving drivers a false sense of security. How about some widened passing zones and some simple rules about overtaking trucks. That would create new jobs and actually save lives without the gimmicks. Truck Manufacturers, shippers and advertisers could sponsor the zones and then it would help offset the cost to taxpayers.

  2. Cool. Except the first time in starts glitching out with Samsung’s name all over it. Or it glitches and someone thinks it’s safe to pass when it’s not, sues, and some cowboy judge awards $50mil in damages. Or something simple like graffiti artists paint all over it.

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