CEoutlook’s First Car Audio Challenge

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CEoutlook is hosting a contest to give your car audio shop a partial makeover.

JVC, Kenwood, Sony and Pioneer have already agreed to help sponsor our Industry Challenge, which is this: We challenge 5 retailers to step up to undergo the type of Mr. Fix It coaching described here.

And we challenge 2 more industry suppliers to each sponsor a retailer to undergo the program which includes coaching offered by industry rep, operations consultant and digital marketing expert Jon Dewar.

Our challenge will help 5 retailers improve their digital footprint, with the opportunity to also improve store operations, store appearance, merchandising and sales.

If you are having trouble getting noticed on the web, making terms with vendors, hiring and firing, bringing the showroom into the 2010s, and managing inventory, here’s a chance to do it for $500 and then some of your plus-business earnings.

Here’s how it works. The supplier pays for a day of consulting by Jon Dewar and the retailer pays $500 to cover the second day and some other costs. In exchange, Dewar will work with your shop to properly register it on all the search engines, fix up your social media feeds in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and perform search engine optimization, and properly register you with Google Maps, Apple Maps and more, all of which will boost your Internet presence.

Based on past experience, this change alone should bring in thousands of extra dollars per month. So the deal is, you, the retailer has to be willing to funnel a month of your plus-business back into the shop in the form of another session with Dewar who will help clean up operations and fix up the store with those funds.

If a dealer meets all the goals, he should see at least a 20 percent increase in sales over the course of the year, and many retailers see far better results than that.

In the fall, CEoutlook will hold a contest for the 5 participating dealers. We will choose a winner in terms of the most improved.

The aim is to broaden this little challenge to other dealers, reps, consultants and suppliers, in a second round to be held next year, and encourage dealers and suppliers to duplicate the program on their own.

If 500 dealers eventually take this challenge, the resultant higher profile on the Internet alone, would provide a significant boost in awareness of car audio and a jump in sales for all of the 12 volt industry.

Here are the requirements for dealers to enter.

You must have a can-do or “yes” attitude.

You must be willing to contribute $500 due upon entry into the challenge.

You must be willing to funnel at least one month of your plus-business revenue after your initial  digital marketing makeover back into another consultation session and into fixing up the store through actions agreed upon by both you and Dewar (so these are mutually agreed upon changes only).

You must be willing to share your story with CEoutlook, including sharing before and after pictures if appropriate.

Five applicants will be chosen based on a mix of a first come-first served basis, geography, enthusiasm, and can do attitude.

To apply, as a retailer or as a supplier-sponsor, like us on Facebook and then email [email protected] with the subject “contest.”  We’ll tell you how to proceed.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. funnel at least one month of your plus-business revenue after your initial digital marketing makeover back into another consultation session

    Plus-business profits I can see – to commit to the entire revenue # may not be viable for a lot of businesses – so this needs to be detailed and thought out by whomever is looking at participating.

  2. I don’t get any money out of this. Nothing by way of deals that sends anything my way. Nada. Dealer gets 2 days of consulting for less than half price and then invests the rewards he reaps for a single month.

  3. unfortunately it’s not a one and done process, but requires an ongoing social media strategy.

    1. Correct Nick. Thanks for the comment! The idea is to get started and see that it brings in revenue so you can apply it to an ongoing digital strategy and operations management strategy.

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