Kenwood Radio Works With Flip Phones

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Kenwood April 1 DDX

Kenwood introduced a solution for the millions of people that have phones built before 2007. With a suggested retail price of $1,000, the DDX007 is a fully-featured, multimedia receiver with a CD/DVD transport, a 7″ TFT touch screen, built-in HD Radio, 7 band EQ and the Flip-Barry Automotive interface.

Rick Noetzli, Sr. Product Manager stated, “These flip and text centric phones have largely been ignored by the industry; I feel there is a huge demand to interface these phones with today’s cars.” He goes on to say “I still have a perfectly good flip phone that I haven’t been able to use in my car for years.”

Kenwood’s exclusive “Flip-Barry Automotive” interface allows these phones to connect to the DDX007 receiver via the included and simple “Dongle-Barry” translator box that mounts either on the passenger side of the transmission hump or tucked up under the dash. The interface features a new “SQEEEZ” interface that allows connection with older phones, even though they used many different adaptors.

The Dongle Barry translation box converts text to speech and allows the phone to play music. With simple text centric phones, the receiver will display the phone’s keyboard so that texting can take place from the radio face (vehicle must be stationary to text). Once a person keys in a text message, the translator box then converts the text message into an analog voice message. Dave Hoag, Executive Vice President explained, “The person receiving the text will get a voice message instead of a text. This will revolutionize how people with phones built before 2007 will communicate on the road.”

The DDX007 with the Flip-Barry Automotive interface will be available in July of 2015.

For a complete list of specifications on 2015 DNX receivers, as well as Kenwood’s complete product line, please visit

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  1. Congratulations to the Kenwood for tearing down all the technology barriers with their furturistic new model DDX007. This is the technology our industry has been craving….Scott/Rick, great product planning…

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